Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chalk Paint Cabinet

I had the opportunity to attend a chalk paint workshop for the BB Frosch company. It was a two hour class where we learned several different techniques for using chalk paint and waxes for different painted finishes. It was really fun, and I was impressed with the products enough to purchase the starter kit.

The kit is BEAUTIFUL! It comes with all sorts of fun goodies including the chalk paint powder, wax, two brushes, brush soap, mixing containers, a whisk, and waxing cloths.

I was excited to try it out, so I decided to give my art supply cabinet a quick transformation. This cabinet was originally off white, and was looking a bit plain- my paint it a pretty light gray.
Here's the before.
Unlike other chalk paint that comes premixed in limited colors, this product is mixed into any flat latex paint. The chalk powder gives amazing coverage, so a sample size of paint was all I needed for the entire piece.

Here's the finished cabinet!


After the paint was dry, I waxed it, which seals the paint, and gives it the most beautiful silky finish.

I also sanded the edges a bit to give it some character.

It's a subtle change, but I really dig how it turned out.

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