Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trash to Treasure- Candy Machine

I have a hard time driving by yard sales without at least slowing down for a look. A couple of weeks ago I spotted this candy vending machine at a sale by my mom's house, with a price tag of 20 bucks. Sold!
As you can see, it was pretty ugly, and super dusty, but the couple who sold it to me assured me it worked great. I took it completely apart and gave it a serious scrubbing with bleach.
The next step was a new paint color. I toyed with the idea of doing something bright and fun, but ultimately ended up playing it safe by painting the top white and the base black.

Here's a shot after the paint job.

It was looking a little plain, so I cut some vinyl for the front to jazz it up a bit.

After a trip to the store to buy a serious amount of candy, it was finished.

It makes a fun addition to our foyer, and I'm planning on racking in some serious cash as my kids empty their piggy banks into it.

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This gadget instantly made this the most repeated question around here:
"May I have a quarter?"