Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Phoenix Temple

After a lazy Sunday afternoon we threw the kids in the van and headed out to see the new Phoenix Temple. It hard to believe that the temple is finally here, a mere 8 minutes from our house. We've watched it being built, and looked forward to it being finished, and now it is!
The open house ended last Saturday. Lee and I were both able to volunteer a couple of times, him as a parking attendant, and me as an usher. We also got the amazing opportunity to go through with a small group for all the contractors friends and families. The most amazing time through was before the VIP tours even started. A friend in our ward was a lead builder of the temple, and knowing about my dad's passing, offered to take us, and my mother through. He gave us an hour and a half tour, and showed us pretty much everything! He even took Joshua to the top of the spire, popping out right above the highest stained glass window. It was incredible to be there with my kids and my mom in a nearly empty temple, and have time to sit and reflect inside. I think we all feel a special connection to this temple, like a piece of it is ours. I've been inside five times now, and can't wait for the dedication in two weeks.
We got some fun shots of the kids and then watched as the sun went down and the lights came on.

There were still the last remnants of the open house waiting to be hauled off.

If you have the chance to go see it- go!

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