Monday, March 9, 2015


Holy cow! I'm blogging!!!
For those of you that still read this blog, I'm sorry I've been so lame at posting. In some ways it feels like Instagram ate my blog- I post over there instead of here. But I don't plan on quitting this blog, hopefully I'll get my grove back.
So anyway...... I bought these bookshelves from a friend about a month ago, which gave me the opportunity to do one of my favorite things: merchandise shelves! I bought a couple new tchotchkes , but everything else I already owned. I love having more space to display pretty things!

The modern gray and white sphere is new- it's from West Elm. I love how it contrasts with the more rustic items.
The red arrow is also new. I picked it up at Sweet Salvage last month. I have a thing for rusty signs and arrows.
The octopus is from Z Gallerie. Love him!

My map jar also got a bit of an update with some new vinyl. I love having a place to put travel paraphernalia: maps, subway tickets, museum passes, etc.

More home projects coming soon!

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