Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Washington DC Part 4

We were lucky to get last minute passes to the White House from our state congressman. The White House was only a five minute walk from our hotel, which was good, because it was an early tour, and there was still some light rain.
The tour was pretty quick, but I was glad the kids had the opportunity to see it. There is so much history there.
Of course you can't take pictures inside, but I snapped this one with my phone on the way out.
 We planned the rest of the day to avoid the rain that had moved in, and we bought Metro passes, to save our tired feet, and keep us dry.
Our first stop was the Postal Museum. Some friends of ours recommended it, and I have to admit, I was skeptical about it. Imagine our surprise when it ended up being one of our favorite places! 
The museum was really beautiful. It was also empty- which for DC was a nice change. We felt like we had the place to ourselves.
(except for the funny photo bombing security guard)
We spent over an hour in a room about stamps. Who knew they'd be so interesting?


They also had mail trucks and semi's they could climb through.

The next stop was The National Portrait Gallery. I love this place. They have some beautiful art, including portraits of all the US Presidents.

 We finished the day with a trip to the National Archives to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I have no pictures because it was raining so I put my camera away.
The good part about the rain, was that it kept the crowds light.
Then it was back to the hotel for a cozy pizza dinner and a good night's sleep.
 The following day we left DC and took a couple of cabs to a rental car place. We rented a huge Yukon and made the drive south to Fredericksburg.
Umbrellas in hand, we walked the city, and had a fabulous Italian lunch. We lucked out that the rain was just a light sprinkle while we were out.
Fredericksburg is a cute little historic town, with fun little shops and boutiques.


After walking the town we stopped at a Civil War battle field, and then did a driving tour of the surrounding area.
What a beautiful place.
It was a great couple of days!

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